Tai Chi Introduction

Tai Chi or taiji - a Chinese system of self-development with relaxed, fluid movements - is recognised as being good for stress, balance, blood pressure and general health. Search our free international directory which contains thousands of listings for taiji, qigong and related exercises / martial arts. We represent a diverse community from the dedicated practitioner of Chinese martial arts such as tai chi chuan to followers of simpler practices such as health qigong and tai chi for arthritis that help us cope with the challenges of life.
Additionally, as well as a selection of carefully chosen products, you will also find on our site articles, instructional videos and demonstrations. We welcome such contributions from instructors and students or just chat to us via email, twitter or facebook (see footer).

Top Quality Feiyues (martial arts shoes)

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Qigong: A Guide for Beginners

by: Daverick Leggett

The practice of Qigong arises from the deep past of China and its neighbours. It is known as the root of all Chinese medicine and philosophy........

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