Wu-Wei Internal Martial Arts

"Dispel the myths and work with the mechanics"

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I have thought long and hard about how to present my lineage and who might be interested in the teachings I have recieved. Frankly I wish to work with those who like me are willing to put in the effort to realise ones own potential through these wonderful arts.

The way I have been taught has been to make things as clear as possible without all the mysticism that surrounds the internal martial arts of Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Hsing-I.

Personally I believe that the internal martial arts system is one of the most wonderful arts out there as not only can it be used in self defence but more importantly it can heal the body and the mind.

We use the Chinese internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-I Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang to create a more aligned, relaxed and powerful body in order to mitigate the stresses of modern day life.

No franchise, just internal martial arts taught how I was taught and passed on from one  teacher to the next in the traditional way.

Class is extremely  demanding and  challenging but everything we do we do with a smile and the joy of these arts still amaze me even after 10 years of practice!


Days and Times: Thursday at 19.00pm (other times flexible and private lessons)


NW6 West Hampstead, London
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Dago – Monte Amiata Italy 

On 14 Jun 2012, Thomas Greensmith wrote:
‘I met Tom about two years ago, without ever having practiced any type of martial art before . From that moment I began a path that through the careful guidance of Tom and my own will is changing slowly but deeply my body , its energy and my spirit. I am changing my posture gently , regaining not without a bit of pain deformations caused by years and years of bad body habits and purchasing stability and balance not only inside but outside as well. My body’s energy and forces have increased and my sense of them is higher. Now I’m able to use them in a better way and accordingly my spirit is more peaceful.I am just a beginner with no experience , but what Tom has given to me, with his huge heart , is truly treasure for which I will always be grateful .’
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Michele Cipriani Builder – Siena Italy 

On 14 Jun 2012, Thomas Greensmith wrote:
‘Before meeting Tom I thought I was practicing Kung Fu, but even if my muscles were strong and I had a good stretching, i had no balance, no idea of the meaning of rooting and body connection. Practicing often caused me backpain.
Then one day I (luckily) met him: a young man back from many years traveling though asia in search real Kung Fu. After the first time we practiced together i decided to be his student, no doubt. He has been teaching me how to get connected to my muscles, to my bones, to my feelings and to my heart, and i am learning how to connect all those things together. Some years have passed from this moment, I have made big steps in kung fu knowledge (even in fighting applications), and Tom was always present with the right words in the right moment, with his smile, his comprehension, using his deep knowledge to allow me to go on.’
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Sameer IT Consultant – London 

On 14 Jun 2012, Thomas Greensmith wrote:
“I am very lucky to have come across Tom. I have learnt a huge amount more from him in 6 weeks than i did practicing for over 3 years under another teacher.
In a short space of time my energy levels, physical strength and confidence has improved significantly. The internal and external power that you can achieve when studying with Tom is very tangible. ”
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